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News From Saturday, October 29, 2011
11:41:24 PM Insomnia might boost heart attack risk
USA Today

"Further research is needed to confirm these findings, explore the potential mechanisms involved, and determine if interventions that effectively treat insomnia can reduce the risk of acute myocardial infarction," he added. One possible explanation f [more]

11:17:35 PM Are we finally able to repair our own organs?
Guardian - UK

Stem cell research has been a hot topic for decades, but how close are we to seeing medical benefits? Stem cells with growing nuclei. These cells can become any cell in the body when they divide Photograph: David Mack/Science Photo Library The dream  [more]

11:17:35 PM How to mend a broken heart
Guardian - UK

Medical advancement is close to making this happen, says Robin McKie, and it will greatly improve the lives of people with heart failure Current research in stem cell science and tissue engineering, funded by the British Heart Foundation, ... [more]

10:34:02 PM Stem Cell Research Evolves from the Laboratory to a Multi-Billion Dollar

Benzinga (press release) Stem cell research and regenerative medicine has long held the potential to treat serious medical conditions, but only recently has the industry as a whole begun to take shape. What was once confined within the realm of resea [more]

9:56:18 PM Toshiba's New Kalare Imaging System Receives FDA Clearance

To enhance workflow in today's fast-paced healthcare environment, Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. announces the FDA-cleared HDR-08A Imaging System for Kalare™, which offers Toshiba's same feature-rich Kalare R&F technology with a new innovative [more]

8:38:16 PM To Patent or Not To Patent, That is The Question: Embryonic Stem Cell
American University Intellectual Property Brief

American University Intellectual Property Brief Last week, the European Court of Justice was asked to determine the patentability of stem-cell products derived from human embryos. While the question submitted to the Advocate General was not as straig [more]

8:38:16 PM BioTime CEO Michael D. West to Present at Stem Cells USA & Regenerative ...

BioTime, Inc. (NYSE Amex:BTX), a biotechnology company that develops and markets products in the field of regenerative medicine, today announced that Chief Executive Officer Michael D. West, Ph.D. will present at the Stem Cells USA & Regenerative ... [more]

6:57:56 PM FDA to Fund Drug Research Center at GU
The Georgetown Hoya - Washington,DC,USA

According to Gostin, working with the FDA on real-world issues will offer students a more well-rounded educational experience. "[They will have the] opportunity to work on major policy issues in food, drugs, medical devices and tobacco," Gostin said. [more]

6:10:25 PM Preserve these life savers
Frontline - Chennai,India

Stem cells can be derived from various sources such as the bone marrow, embryos obtained by in-vitro fertilisation, amniotic fluid, umbilical cord blood and menstrual blood. As a result stem cell therapy is used to replace damaged, diseased, ... [more]

12:40:08 PM The Old Trainer: Stem cell treatment may heal Lab
Merced Sun-Star

Stem cell therapy has shown excellent results in the treatment of both hip dysplasia and arthritis. And we are not talking mad scientist voodoo like Marty McFly used to get back to the future. This is an increasingly common procedure that is being us [more]

11:47:48 AM Lung regeneration closer to reality
Times of India - India

Lung regeneration, an advance that could effectively treat millions of people suffering from respiratory disorders, could soon be a reality, thanks to a new discovery by researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College. The research team said that they . [more]

8:34:29 AM Artificial Stem Cell Blood Will Be Accessible Over Next Decade
TopNews - Little Rock,Arkansas,USA

As per reports, a group of researchers is asserting that within the next three years, synthetic blood produced from stem cells will be ready for clinical trial. However, along with the group of researchers, scientists from the Edinburgh University ha [more]

8:34:29 AM Los Angeles Liposuction Patients Donate Fat to Stem Cell Research
PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Stoker has partnered with UCLA's stem cell research center and is offering his Los Angeles liposuction patients the opportunity to donate their unwanted fat to medical research. Dr. David Stoker is offering L [more]

7:56:27 AM Maricopa County is seeking to make data more robust
Arizona Republic - Phoenix,AZ,USA

by Michelle Ye Hee Lee - Oct. 29, 2011 12:00 AM Maricopa County is working with the local medical community to solve a sensitive record-keeping problem that, if eliminated, could also relieve stress on families coping with grief. ... [more]

6:32:00 AM Not your fault! Hormones linked to weight regain
Pakistan Observer - Islamabad,ISB,Pakistan

The research appears in Thursday`s issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. Weight regain is a common problem for dieters. To study what drives it, Proietto and his colleagues enrolled 50 overweight or obese patients in a 10-week diet program in [more]

4:29:42 AM Cathtek, medical device maker, seeks to move from Piedmont Triad Research
Winston-Salem Journal

Winston-Salem Journal The former Curly's Harley-Davidson dealership on Reidsville Road could become the new home for a medical-device development and manufacturing company based in Winston-Salem. The owners of Cathtek LLC want to move their business  [more]

4:21:55 AM Science for sale: A new kind of donor is transforming medical research
Globe and Mail - Toronto,Ontario,Canada

They were ancient ruins by modern medical standards, built in the 1950s for cart-and-trolley tools, not lasers and robotics. Even the air within them was a hazard, their antique ventilation increasing airborne exposure to infection and dangerous gase [more]

4:21:55 AM Posted: October 29, 2011 - 12:01 am ET
ModernHealthcare.com - Chicago,IL,USA

Finally, the University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus, Denver, was awarded $1.5 million to research preventive-care delivery models. “We know that preventing disease is the key to improving the health of all Americans, but we also know that .. [more]

1:41:56 AM Artificial stem cell blood available in 10 years
Healthcare Global

A group of researchers are claiming that within the next three years, artificial blood manufactured from stem cells will be at the clinical trial stage. The Scottish scientists, who are from the University of Edinburgh, are also hopeful that the ... [more]

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