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News From Saturday, May 14, 2011
11:52:41 PM Local labs that use animals are ag, medical research facilities
San Angelo Standard Times - san angelo,tx,USA

Supporters of the practice both then and now say it has led to lifesaving medical breakthroughs; detractors have called the use of animals in such research inhumane and question whether it is necessary to inflict pain and suffering on animals to ... [more]

11:01:51 PM Virginia Tech football helmet ratings: Professor's study could have
Hampton Roads Daily Press - Newport,VA,USA

Daily Press A professor at the Virginia Tech-Wake Forest School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences, Duma leads a team that has developed the first safety ratings for football helmets, potentially an invaluable advance in this era of terrifying co [more]

10:21:40 PM MSU's Medical Science alternatives
Sunday Times.lk - Columbo,Sri Lanka

Upon completing the programme, job prospects exist in medical research in the pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic laboratories, biotechnology laboratories and hospitals. Openings exist in forensic lab, veterinary medicine, food manufacture, ... [more]

9:56:13 PM Cardiologists Accuse Hospital of Discrimination
New York Times - New York,NY,USA

The dispute has divided Victoria's close-knit medical community, where many doctors and hospital officials say it is not about race — the city has long been home to doctors of all ethnicities and nationalities — but a struggle over egos and influence [more]

9:28:12 PM Stem Cells Taken From Adults and Reprogrammed May Be Rejected as Foreigners
Glob smacked

What's the News: Reprogrammed stem cells—cells taken from an adult and turned back into stem cells—can be rejected by the body, at least in mice, suggests a new Nature study. Donated tissues and organs are often attacked by a patient's immune system, [more]

8:38:29 PM Seeking med-tech's ideal home
Minneapolis Star Tribune - Minneapolis,MN,USA

John Boyd of Boyd Company, a nationally known consulting firm for medical device companies on where to locate new manufacturing operations. John Boyd Jr. spends much of his time jetting around the world to find prospective sites for businesses to ... [more]

6:10:11 PM Washington Week: Medicare Funds, New HCV Drug Top Busy Week
MedPage Today - Little Falls,NJ,USA

When the Massachusetts Medical Society first began collecting data on access to family physicians in 2007, 70% were accepting new patients. Access to specialists is much easier since the vast majority of specialists are accepting new patients. The FD [more]

3:43:24 PM Huge Breakthroughs in ADULT Stem Cell Research! Have You Heard About Them?
Catholic Online - Bakersfield,CA,USA

By Deacon Keith Fournier Among the worst examples of using language to deceive and hide the truth is the failure to differentiate between human EMBRYONIC stem cell research and ADULT stem cell research. The Catholic Church supports ADULT stem cell .. [more]

3:12:18 PM FDA Warns Consumers Not to Buy Antimicrobial Dietary Supplements
eMaxHealth.com - Hickory,NC,USA

These dietary supplement products are not FDA approved to treat, cure or prevent any medical conditions. The FDA is aware of at least four cases in Texas in which children received emergency care due to worsening illnesses after being given products  [more]

1:10:35 PM Client Outlook Inc. Announces FDA 510(k) Clearance for eUnityTM
PR-USA.net (press release)

PR-USA.net (press release) Client Outlook announced today that they have received their FDA 510(k) Class II Medical Device clearance to market its enterprise medical image viewer, eUnity (TM), within the US marketplace. eUnity's (TM) clearance as a C [more]

1:10:35 PM BioMimetic shares slide after FDA committee vote
BusinessWeek - USA

THE SPARK: The Franklin, Tenn., company said Thursday night the FDA's Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Devices Panel of the Medical Devices Advisory Committee voted 12-6 in support of the safety of its bone graft and 10-8 in support of its effectiveness [more]

12:33:49 PM Nano, Stem Cells Technologies Employed in Fabrication of Bone Scaffolds
Fars News Agency - Tehran,Iran

"Another positive point on this research is the application of mesenchymal stem cells. Such cells are non-immunogenistic and of interest for their special multiplicative characteristics," he added. As the initial stage of the work, the fabricated ... [more]

11:22:58 AM Recruiting women to the 'man's world'
Edmonton Journal

Soos, a recent chemical and biomedical engineering graduate, is now pursuing her master's degree in biomedical and plans to go on to earn a PhD in the field. "I guess I've got used to the fact there aren't as many girls (in engineering)," she says. . [more]

10:58:31 AM Fallin signs hospital measure
Tulsa World - Tulsa,OK,USA

She calls it "a big boost for our medical community" and says rural communities will especially benefit. By BARBARA HOBEROCK World Capitol Bureau OKLAHOMA CITY - Gov. Mary Fallin signed a bill Friday that's designed to improve access to medical care  [more]

10:58:31 AM Foxfire staff, students walk to help in fight against diabetes
Zanesville Times Recorder

"If individuals manager the chronic disease process, it will cut down on the medical costs in the medical community," she said. Barker said the students of Foxfire Schools were supportive and helpful in getting the word out about the relay to help .. [more]

9:48:37 AM Hispanic Women Sought for Medical Research Sponsored by Northwestern
Hispanically Speaking News

Northwestern University is reaching out to Hispanic women in Illinois to encourage them to participate in local medical research, where their input is needed. University doctor's and medical experts nationwide have found that Latino women are ... [more]

9:20:10 AM Weight Loss Surgery Cures Type 2 Diabetes for Most
PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA

The medical community has been abuzz in recent months with more and more studies pointing to weight loss surgery as a reliable cure for type 2 diabetes in obese patients. From his San Francisco weight loss surgery center, Pacific Laparoscopy ... [more]

9:20:10 AM Doctor infuriated to hear 8-year-old gets Botox
KABC - Los Angeles,CA,USA

This story has travelled like wildfire through the medical community. Doctors ABC7 spoke with on Friday were incensed that a potentially dangerous toxin would be injected into an 8-year-old, let alone by her mother. Physicians say the FDA prohibits . [more]

8:26:45 AM Skin Stem Cell to Replace Liver Transplant
TopNews - Little Rock,Arkansas,USA

"Holy Grail" is an incredible innovation in the field of medical science that will treat people with a stem cell injection extracted from their own skin or blood instead of a liver transplant. The procedure will allow conversion of skin and blood cel [more]

6:50:39 AM Research Group Seeks Reforms to Army Vaccine Initiative
Global Security Newswire - Washington,DC,USA

The initiative -- housed at the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases in Fort Detrick, Md. -- administers experimental and approved vaccines to military and nonmilitary scientists who work with disease agents in developing ... [more]

6:18:03 AM Franklin company Echo moves headquarters south
Daily News Transcript - Needham,MA,USA

By Brian Benson/Daily News staff Echo Therapeutics Inc., a Forge Park medical device company, has moved its corporate offices from Franklin to Philadelphia. The company will keep its Franklin office as a base for its engineering and product personnel [more]

5:55:19 AM Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin signs hospital funding bill
NewsOK.com - Oklahoma City,OK,USA

“Getting this legislation signed into law will be a big boost for our medical community and will help to improve access to quality medical care for all of our citizens. HB 1381 is an especially important bill for rural Oklahoma, where some hospitals  [more]

5:44:12 AM FDA Clears Merck Hepatitis Drug
Wall Street Journal - USA

Treatment with the current drugs costs $28000 a patient, according to William Lee, a hepatitis C doctor at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. But the new drugs "are clearly a step forward. The demand will be high, ... [more]

4:56:23 AM Career shifts benefit 3 stem cell pioneers
Albany Times Union - Albany,NY,USA

By CATHLEEN F. CROWLEY Staff writer Stem cell research pioneers Elaine Fuchs, James A. Thomson and Shinya Yamanaka winners of the 11th annual Albany Medical Center Prize in Medicine and Biomedical Research answer questions during an awards ceremony i [more]

3:23:24 AM U counsel's question to faculty causes a flap
Minneapolis Star Tribune - Minneapolis,MN,USA

The Legislature has since adopted "Dan's Law,'' banning patients under civil commitments from being able to consent to medical research without the recommendation of the treating psychiatrist -- who must not be the psychiatrist conducting the drug .. [more]

2:48:32 AM Drug shortages cause concern for medical community

There is growing concern in the medical community as Canadian doctors and pharmacists face repeated shortages of vital drugs, some of which are used in the fight against critical diseases like cancer. While patient care hasn't been directly affected  [more]

1:56:52 AM Stem cell transplants rejected in surprise setback for new therapies
Guardian - UK

Immune cells infiltrate tissue grown from induced pluripotent stem cells. Photograph: Yang Xu/UC San Diego Hopes for treating life-threatening diseases with cells taken from patients' own bodies have suffered a setback after research showed they migh [more]

1:07:01 AM Pageant Mom Shocked by 8-Year-Old's Botox Injections
MyFox Phoenix - Phoenix,AZ,USA

As you can imagine, this has sparked an uproar in the medical community and among pageant moms. 17-year-old Ally Winski, Miss Teen Scottsdale, has competed in five pageant systems since she turned 11. "Everything I've worked with in the pageant syste [more]

12:38:49 AM FDA Approves Merck's VICTRELIS™ (boceprevir), First-in-Class Oral Hepatitis
Insurance News Net - Harrisburg,PA,USA

Insurance News Net (press release) “Merck is deeply committed to innovation in bringing forward new medicines that significantly address unmet medical needs, and VICTRELIS is a shining example of our commitment being realized," said Kenneth C . Frazi [more]

12:30:09 AM Meet the Doctor Who 'Fixed' Bartolo
Wall Street Journal - USA

He wanted a pitcher who was older, broken down, who could be rejuvenated via stem cell therapy. He didn't want a young pitcher. He wanted someone who was arguably past his prime. "When you have a guy like Bartolo Colon who was really really good, ... [more]

12:30:09 AM Body attacks lab-made stem cells
Science News - USA

By Tina Hesman Saey EARLY REJECTIONT cells (brown) creep into tissues generated by reprogrammed stem cells (blue). This infiltration is the start of the type of tissue rejection seen in transplants.Y. Xu/UC San Diego Stem cells created in the lab by  [more]

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